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Executive Bio

“I will continue to operate as a Renaissance Woman while remaining a visionary leader within the Media industry. As a co-creative and engaging individual, I am passionate about inspiring future generations via innovative media platforms to positively transform the human landscape.” – Zandra Rivera

As an Executive Producer and content creator, Zandra likens herself to be a Chief Transformational Officer. She is not satisfied with mere quick fixes that bandage issues, she positively transforms what is at hand. As the eldest of six, her talent for solving immediate problems quickly and getting prompt results stemmed at a very early age. Zandra inherited her ingenuity and get-it-done drive from both of her parents. She masterminds and materializes new ways to approach viable content while remaining steadfast to her compassion for others and her personal values . Her visionary solutions are engaging and thought provoking, positioning the organization for viable and sustainable growth well into the future.

Driven by a strong sense of urgency and incredible stamina, she is at her best while converting uncertainty and chaos into order and harmony. Resourceful and innovative, she searches for new ways to improve what is at hand while elevating others and inspiring best-practices.

Her mission with transformation is to bring dignity and strength to each individual worker and the viewer. She feels personally responsible for the people committed to the company as well as the audience. It is her goal to implement a thriving environment that allows for maximum results from each and every individual. Fearless and confident throughout her career, Zandra has been a pioneer in envisioning the future of media via new and fresh types of engaging content. “Who are you marketing to? Who do you want to engage? Identify your various audiences and engage them through their hearts, with honesty and authenticity.” Her invaluable experience in marketing brings a reframed perspective and innovative approach to media content.

As President of Hispanica Marketing she strategically created partnerships with Heineken USA, Corona International and Miller Brewing Co., alliances and relationships, grew sales, created increases in profitability, making the company the largest Latina marketing company in the Midwest. She re-created and streamlined various communication processes for clients and created sustainable relationships between corporate and consumer relations. Additionally, she led a research and development team that innovated and implemented ground-breaking industry-first POS marketing strategies, incorporating and implementing no-risk clear open lines of immediate communication. She also initiated and implemented one of the earliest training modalities to streamline the POS communication up to Corporate level with efficiency and great attention to detail that allowed for strategic corporate decision making.

Since then, this value-add is still in use today and is used beyond the norm, is fully integrated into the marketing process, where actual product performance and field testing are conducted and established. Seizing the opportunity to hone her multi-faceted skills and fulfill her entrepreneurial passion as well as her passion to transform global consciousness Zandra chooses to create from the heart.

With more than 20 years’ broad-based general marketing and media experience, she understands how each part of a media organization functions on a very deep level and the effects of the viewers psyche. She also knows that it is imperative for companies to continuously review outside sources beyond their normal, established competitors;

“..technological advances are key, varying climates and dynamics along with global competition can create entirely new sources of introspection and upheaval. Inclusive are the perceived dangers of an internal aging workforce and outdated models and modules. Intuitively bridging age gaps, inspirationally reframing cultural perspectives and dynamics are imperative in creating a unified symbiotic healthy work environment. A lesson learned is that, above building profit, acquiring and retaining consumers, audiences and eyeballs, it is important to inspire and support a consumer’s immediate and long-term needs.” – Zandra Rivera

Having a highly successful marketing company at tender age of 19 while attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to pay for school, really paved the way to Zandra’s discipline and courage to pursue and live her dreams.

She has a deep passion and commitment to inspire and support others to give their absolute best, all while implementing trust and a fierce drive to accomplish all as a team. She was voted as vice president of the PTA in Naperville and worked strategically with the parents and the Principal to implement programs that are still in use today. Her passions away from work include painting, hiking, traveling, exploring and reading. She serves as a mentor to various actors and directors and has served on the board of SAG/AFTRA Chicago. She has volunteered within various organizations in the Chicagoland area throughout her life.